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Vicenza is a map in Day of Defeat. This map was introduced in version 1.0 Steam DoD

Official Description[]

DOD_VICENZA by Jeremy "Izuno" Miller, (

April, 1945, Italy

The Allies have advanced up the rocky spine of Italy, nearly to
the city of Vicenza. Tanks have fired shells from a distance, but
before they can roll into the city the King Tiger tank and Half Track
must be destroyed.
Allied Objectives
   - Destroy the two Axis vehicles with Bazookas or Satchels
   - Prevent the Axis troops from destroying the two Allied jeeps.

Axis Objectives
   - Destroy the two Allied vehicles with Panzerschrecks or Satchels.
   - Prevent the Allies from destroying the Axis vehicles.

Use satchel charges to destroy obstacles.



This map was supposed to be available in Day of Defeat: Source however cut. The map details were found in January 2023 leak. Map called dod_vicenza

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