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The United States Army is a faction in in both Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat: Source.




Submachine Guns[]

Machine Guns[]




Alpha 6.8,Beta 1.0,Beta 1.1,Beta 1.2
  • Light Infantry
  • Assault Infantry
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Sniper
  • Machine Gunner
  • Allied Paratroops (Airborne)
Beta 2.0
  • The Rifleman - aka "Light Infantry"
  • Sergeant
  • Support Infantry
  • Sniper
  • Machine Gunner
DoD 1.0 - 1.3 Classes
  • Rifleman
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Support Infantry
  • Sniper
  • Machine Gunner
  • Rocket Infantry
DoD Source Classes
  • Assault
  • Rifleman
  • Rocket
  • Machine Gunner
  • Sniper
  • Support


Player models[]

Military Equipment[]

Day of Defeat

Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP) (Appearance on: Anzio,

  • 1943 Pullman-Standard M4 'Sherman' (Appearance on:
  • White M3 Halftrack (Appearance on:
  • Willys MB 'Jeep' (Appearance on:
  • Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP) (Appearance on
  • Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (Appearance on

Victory songs[]


  • Area clear.
  • Squad, move out.
  • I need backup.
  • Enemy behind us.
  • Cease fire Cease fire.
  • Squad, covering fire.
  • Cover the flanks.
  • Displace Displace
  • Drop your weapon.
  • Enemy ahead.
  • Fall back.
  • Fire in the hole.
  • Take the flank.
  • Squad. Flank left.
  • Squad. Flank right.
  • Go Go Go
  • Grenade.
  • Hold this position.
  • Left
  • Medic.
  • MG 42, position ahead.
  • Squad, move out.
  • Move up. .30cal
  • Need ammo.
  • Negative.
  • Panzerschrek.
  • Prepare for assault.
  • Right.
  • Sniper
  • Squad, spread out.
  • Platoon, move out and stay low.
  • Squad, charge your weapons. We're moving up.
  • Squad, stick together.
  • Take cover.
  • Taking fire.
  • Left flank, taking fire.
  • Right flank, get ready.
  • Tiger ahead.
  • Use that stove pipe.
  • Use your grenade.
  • Yes, sir.
  • This is dog two five requesting air support at coordinates Fox George four two. Over. Roger that, dog two five. I got tank busters inbound. Your position now out.
  • The bridge is secure. I repeat, the bridge is secure.

  • Radio op: Give this guy a radio! Give this guy a radio! There's Sniper Fire! There's Sniper fire! North East corner of windmill! Request fire mission! Request fire mission!
  • 1 minute left.
  • 1 minute to go.
  • All right, men. God be with you. And get up that beach.
  • Alright, men, let's take those objectives.
  • Area clear.
  • Area secure.
  • Cease fire.
  • Cover the flanks.
  • Defend the area, men, our positions are under attack.
  • Diffuse.
  • Diffused.
  • Displace.
  • Drop your weapons.
  • Drop your weapons.
  • Easy red, be advised, charges have been planted. Over.
  • Easy red. Charges planted on enemy equipment. Over.
  • Easy red. We have planted the charges. Over.
  • Enemy ahead.
  • Enemy behind us.
  • Enemy position. Knocked out. Move up.
  • Explosives planted in our area.
  • Explosives planted in our equipment
  • Explosives reported in our sector.
  • Fall back.
  • Fire in the hole.
  • Get a grenade in there.
  • Get across that beach and find a hole.
  • Get over here and help me.
  • Get over here and help me.
  • Get ready. Tiger ahead.
  • Get up that beach and find cover.
  • Get up that beach and find some cover.
  • Get up the beach and blow that wire.
  • Get up the beach and blow the wire, men.
  • Get up the beach and clear the wire, men.
  • Go. Go. Go.
  • Good shot.
  • Grenade Take cover.
  • Grenade.
  • Grenade. Get out of here.
  • Hold this position.
  • I need ammo.
  • I need backup.
  • I need covering fire.
  • Keep up with the tank.
  • Keep your heads low, boys, and good luck.
  • Let's go, men, we don't have much time to take those objectives.
  • Let's take this sector back. Men. Move out.
  • Medic
  • Men, let's move out and take them.
  • Men, we have our objectives.
  • MG position ahead.
  • MG team up front.
  • Move out and take those objectives, men, we don't have much time.
  • Move out and take those objectives, men,
  • Negative.
  • Nice shot.
  • Objective secure.
  • One more minute.
  • Our positions are under attack, men. Hold the line.
  • Panzerschrek
  • Point secure.
  • Prepare for assault, men, we're taking this sector back.
  • Prepare for assault.
  • Prepare for attack, men, we need this sector.
  • Protect the tank.
  • Put a grenade in there.
  • Right.
  • Smoke them.
  • Sniper.
  • Sniper. Spread out.
  • Squad, flank left.
  • Squad, flank right.
  • Stay with the tank.
  • Stick together.
  • Stick together.
  • Take cover.
  • Take this ammo.
  • Taking fire. Left flank.
  • Taking fire. Right flank left.
  • Thanks.
  • The attack started, men. Defend the area.
  • The enemy is trying to push through us. Hold the line.
  • Two minutes ago.
  • Two minutes left.
  • Two more minutes.
  • Use the bazooka.
  • Use your grenades.
  • We don't have much time, men. We need to take the objectives now.
  • We got them. Move up.
  • We have to control this area, men, move out and stay low.
  • We need a bazooka up here.
  • We need a bazooka.
  • We need an MG
  • We need an MG up here.
  • We're under attack, men. Defend our positions.
  • Yes, sir.



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