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Thunder is a beta map in Day of Defeat.

Official description[]

 July 18th 1944. The Allies reach the town 
 of Saint-Lô after the British and Canadian
 assault on, and siege of, Caen.
 The 1st American army with 35th and 29th 
 infantry divisions begins the assault, 
 while Saint-Lô is supported by the German 84th
 infantry division and the 2nd Fallshirmjäger 
 division. The Americans must seize control
 of the town to prevent the approach of the
 German 7th army from the southwest and
 support a German perimeter defence line
 which could delay the American and British
 Capture all four control points and the one
 control area to win the map. If you follow
 mainstreet you will find them all.
 There is an anti-spawn camp system in this map.
 Don't try to spawn camp.
 By Svante "xerent" Ekholm 
 Textures by:
 Arcturus (some rubble)
 MattC (more rubble)
 Waldo (for the animated puddles)
 Roach (some wehrmacht banners)
 myself :D
 MDL Tanks by S.Gautreaux H&K
 MDL Flags by Molotov_billy
 MDL Flags by Ooije, skin by xerent
 Rain sprite by xerent (feel free to use)
 Skybox is by unknown author...
 Dim_Reaper (nice guy)
 FREAKHEAD (for solving the flag problem i had.)
 IR (the most famous menkey)
 Wizzard (the most famous wizz)
 Thunder Weenie (for the l33t rain sound and support)
 Sector-Effector (voice actor in german radio)
 Molotov_billy (models keep falling out)
 Kamikazi (all the great textures)
 Waldo (when i didnt have the brain, Waldo did!)
 DasJuden (for saying I LOVE THUNDER!)
 and the krazy kraut himself, Rotkopf

Axis Radio transcript:[]

Hier spricht die 29. Infanterie-Division. Ich rufe den Kommandeur der 35. Division. Melden Sie sich. Ende. Wir hatten schwere Verluste und müssen Sie in den Angriff auf die östliche Front der Stadt so früh wie möglich einbinden. Hallo, verstehen Sie mich? Hier spricht die 29. Infanterie-Division. Ende. Bitte antworten. Ende. Deutsche Truppenbewegung aus südlicher Richtung. Die 7. Armee trifft ein. Erledigen Sie jetzt den Auftrag. Ende.

Allies Radio Transcript:[]

It got out. Gotta first wave, ineffective. We got no tv, no armor. First wave, ineffective. First wave, ineffective. ???



Sniping and MG position will definitely make it for your team on this map. The middle flag requires two people and quite a bit of time to capture. A good strategy here is to throw all your grenades down the middle then camping under the tank when capturing the third flag. Be sure to either cover or utilize backdoors, for enemies can suddenly 'pop out of nowhere' on this map.----

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