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Staff Sergeant (Stosstruppe for the Axis) is a class in the original Day of Defeat.


The Staff Sergeant/Stosstruppe class is very similar to the Rifleman class, but rather than medium-long range combat its capabilities change to short-medium range. Considering the accuracy is reduced, it is made up by an increased firing rate but at the same time retaining a similar amount of firepower.

Contrary to the Support Infantry and FG42 classes, the Staff Sergeant/Stosstruppe classes retain a similar, but lower amount of firepower. Otherwise, the Staff Sergeant/Stosstrupe classes are not designed to lay down suppressive fire as effectively and are generally weaker. But they do wield two grenades - the same as their respective Rifleman classes.


The Staff Sergeant/Stosstruppe is almost the same as the Rifleman except for close-mid combat, as of opposed to the anti-sniper capabilities of the Rifleman classes.


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