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The Spade (or Shovel) is a melee weapon in the Day of Defeat series. In both games, it is only used by the German team, but can be briefly seen in the hands of an American soldier using it to kill a German soldier at the end of the Day of Defeat: Source “Prelude to Victory” trailer.

Day of Defeat[]

In DoD, the Shovel is the melee weapon for all German team members. It, like it's American counterpart, the Knife, will have very short range, in exchange for it's one-hit killing potential. It will kill enemies when hit on any body part. In the game, it looks like a Trench Shovel used by the Germans during the Second World War.

Day of Defeat: Source[]

In DoD:S, the Shovel/Spade has not gone through any performance changes at all.  The Shovel/Spade is seemingly modelled after a "schanzzeug" German entrenching tool. In-game, the Spade deals 60 damage to the torso, 45 damage to the legs and arms, and 150 damage to the head. It has a special backstab attack which deals 300 damage when striking an enemy's back. It has the exact same performance as the American knife, and MP40 and M1 Thompson's secondary punches.


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