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Schwetz is a beta map in Day of Defeat.

=Official Description[]

 1944, Germany
 Allied Objectives: 
 Your squad has pushed further inland towards schwetzingen. You are
 within yards of taking the town, hold the bridge and the 4 specified
 buildings to capture the town! The second axis division is coming up
 from behind your squad, so you must hold the town once you have 
 captured it.
 Axis Objective:
 The allies are near.. Upon spawn you have 30 seconds to prepare your 
 defenses for the oncoming attack. Defend all the buildings at any cost!
 Map by: Kamikazi! (
 Objective Entities: Waldo ( Mugsy (
 Textures: Kamikazi!
 Map models: Molotov_Billy- Kamikazi! - H&K - Funz - Agent~0 - Lovemiester
 Sounds: Thunder_Weenie - Kamikazi!



This map involves an attacking and defending side. The roles switch when the round  finishes. As the attacker a good strategy is to first take the bridge immediately in huge numbers. An alternative strategy is to jump in the water, climb up and hunt down flags in small  wolf packs. This map is fun to play both ways. If you are an attacker capturing the fourth or  center street - house flag will be the hardest and should be a priority before all the defenders start camping there.----

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