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Rocket is a class in Day of Defeat: Source.


Players utilizing the rocket class are given a set of three weapons: An anti-tank weapon, sidearm, and a melee weapon.

The Anti-Tank weapons are very similar to each other, as both the Bazooka and Panzerschreck generally function in a similar manner (considering the Panzerschreck is derived from the M1 Bazooka). Therefore gameplay using the Primary weapon does not differ too much from faction. However, their respective sidearms have notable contrasts.

American rocketeers are given an M1 Carbine as their sidearm. The Carbine is a well-rounded weapon, capable of being used in close-mid range due to its accuracy, firepower, and rate of fire. In practice it can be seen as either a semi-automatic Thompson or a more flexible M1 Garand. The C96 "Broom handle" Machine Pistol on the other hand is strictly a close range weapon due to its inaccuracy and low firepower but higher rate of fire and magazine capacity. Otherwise, the German rocketeers are more rounded for fighting in close quarters, while the American rocketeers are more rounded for mid-range battles.

Both the melee weapons, the Spade and the Trench Knife, are similar in most aspects. It is suggested to attack the enemy's behind, as it would provide an instant kill.


Because of scarce ammunition it is suggested to follow a team when playing rocketeer. They do have stand alone combat capabilities, but only for so long. It's suggested to keep in mid-close range of enemies after emptying all of the respective anti-tank rounds in order to pick up another weapon. Or fall back to allied lines and request for more ammunition.

When assaulting a sniper or machine gun position, do not move into position and then draw out the bazooka/panzerschreck. Instead, time the sighting animation with the motion of turning around the corner in order to be both time efficient and safe from exposure. Also, when using the rockets, account for the downward slope of the rocket. The slope increases by distance as well.


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