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The Rifleman (Grenadier in the Axis) is a class in Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat: Source.


The Rifleman - aka "Light Infantry" is a good all around class - deadly at both long and short range. Not as effective on the move or in assaults, however.

The Riflemen receive their faction's standard rifle, a close quarters weapon, and pair of rifle grenades. The Allied Riflemen, presumably American, are given the M1 Garand which generally requires 2 shots to kill except for well-placed headshots. The Axis Rifleman use the bolt-action Karbiner 98 Kurz (Kurz is German for short) which can maintain a one hit kill from the chest and up. However, the Garand has a clip size of 8, and the Kar98k has a clip size of 5. Both rifles are capable of arming rifle grenades, capable of clearing out buildings or "grenade mortaring" a certain region. Both grenades are seemingly the same, unlike their respective rifles. As for the knife and the spade, both are about as deadly.

As for determining whether to use the iron sight or default reticule for firing, the default reticule is actually very accurate for mid-range combat. If otherwise counter-sniping, the iron sight is recommended. Depending on the server, some allow the Riflemen to be given their respective side arm, but on standard this is usually not the case.



  • For Allies Riflemen, shoot 1-2 rounds in still and then move, and shoot 1-2 rounds again and move.
  • Also, remember that you must deplete your entire clip (8 shots) before reloading.


  • For Axis Riflemen, it is easier to maintain single-shot kills with the Kar98k rifle. Shoot the target and wait for the bolt action process in cover, then shoot again. Don't forget to aim for the body and head when possible.


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