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The Rifle Grenade is a grenade in Day of Defeat: Source.


It is only available to the Rifleman class on both teams. It takes a few seconds for the grenade to explode when fired. The American Rifle Grenade is a M17, while the German Rifle Grenade is a Gewehr-Sprenggranate.


Rifle grenades cannot be cooked before firing, so it is better to use them at longer ranges, so the timer can pass in order to have a quicker detonation upon reaching the target. The only real way to cook rifle grenades is to fire and pick up the grenade off the ground. This is inadvisable due to the tendency of Rifle Grenades to bounce off a hard object upon hitting it (for example; the ground.)

The safest way to cook a rifle grenade is to press E (use button) at the same time you fire the rifle grenade. You must fire the grenade perpendicular to the surface you are standing on. The instant you fire your rifle grenade, press E and the rifle grenade will seem to instantaneously go to your hand. The cook time for the rifle grenade is 3 seconds, which is faster than the standard explosive grenade of 5 seconds.

In-game, the rifle grenade deals a maximum of 141 damage, making it stronger than the rocket and slightly stronger than the regular explosive grenade. It is possible to pick up enemy grenades and throw them back by pressing E (use button).

If a player picks up an enemy grenade but is out of time and the grenade explodes before they can release it, the player who picked up the grenade is marked as committing suicide, and the enemy player who initially threw the grenade does not get a kill. If friendly fire is on, the person who picks up the grenade late can potentially kill other teammates, causing them to not only commit suicide, but also team kill. However if friendly fire is off, the person who picks up the grenade late can potentially save teammate's lives as the grenade blast will only kill the one who picked it up and not harm everyone in the room.

Rifle Grenades can only be fired by their corresponding rifles (M1 Garand for the Allies, Kar98k for the Axis). If the rifle is dropped, the rifle grenade becomes a useless slot in the inventory until another corresponding rifle can be picked up.



  • In real life, the M17 Rifle Grenade was replaced by the M1 Launching Adapter by mid-1944, right before DoD:S takes place.
  • In real life, both rifle grenades explode upon impact. This change was likely done to make it so that the Rifleman class doesn't have a weapon as powerful as the Bazooka.
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