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Para glider is a beta map in Day of Defeat.

Cutscene transcript[]

Axis: We have incoming US paratroopers men, they'll be going after the 88's and the command bunker. Set up defenses immediately!


Official description[]

 Allied Objectives:
 Destroy the Cannons!  OR  Destroy the Radio Room!
 Allies must either destroy the two 88mm flak cannons in the field 
 next to the château OR destroy the Axis radio room located in the
 castle to win. Axis must defend these targets at all costs. 
 Either target-set can be destroyed by placing explosive charges
 near the targets themselves. Allies must use first tnt to blow 
 holes in the castle wall to get to the radio room. You must wait 
 for the timer when placing explosives. 
 Allies only have to destroy one of the two target-sets in 10 minutes
 or less to win. Axis wins by defending for 10 min or by destroying 
 the allied assault party. Axis can destroy the bridge over the lake
 to hinder allied advance.
 Concept & Map by FuzzDad 
 Big thanks to:
 [DoD]Fuzz, Bob, The entire iNvasionWorks team at,
 special thanks to those who helped test a year ago: Nightshade, Masako, 
 ExarKUN, CrazyGirl, Sector, Waldo, and LH (1!00!1100! LH Pwns all),
 Thrik, H&K, Mugsy, Molotov_billy and many others. 
 Thanks to the DoD team and their professional assistance and time to 
 get para_glider ready for beta 3 (Waldo, Molotov_Billy, PIU, Kommie, 
 Thunder, Mugsy, and Das) Also thanks to the server admins who gave me
 either web space and/or game servers to test on way back last year: 
 Malachii, Diablone, Waldo, Creator, Kustom Kettle, dodmaps, TKG, and many,
 many others.
 Models in Para_Glider by H&K Sean Gautreaux
 Sdkfz 234/4 Axis Armored Car, Hay Stack, Sherman Tank
 Modeled by h&k, scaled and converted from .3ds to .mdl by Scimitar
 (H&K also supplied the rubble texture)
 Models in Para_Glider by Molotov_Billy
 101st ammo box, 88mm Flak cannons before and after destruction, 
 dead 101st paratrooper, and C-47 Glider Tug
 Models in Para_Glider by PIU
 Glider Gun Crew: Loader, Fuzer, Some Other Guy
 Sound Effects Supervisor: Thunder Weenie
 Glider crash, gun crew action, fuse
 German Voice Actor: Sector-Effector 
 Overlord textures in Para_Glider (grass/crete/dirt) 
 by Masako...reduced to 128x128 by FuzzDad
 Radio room textures, radios, extra explosion sprite
 work by Tolcheck (play dod_festung!!!)
 Road Sign Textures: Kommie
 Watersplash sprite from Dog1 ([iNw]Dim_Reaper)
 Best Dog: Tanner
 FuzzDad is Wes Shull
 ICQ 116994202
 "I may not be very good at what I do...but at least I'm slow"

 PARA_GLIDER by Wes "FuzzDad" Shull (

 July 1944. American Airborne troops are advancing into Southern France and have assaulted a vineyard where German Anit-Aircraft defenses are taking their toll on Allied aircraft. Crack German paratroopers are guarding the anti-aircraft and they will do anything to drive the Allies out.
 Allied Objective:
 - Clear the field of German troops or destroy either the Radio Room or both the 88mm AND the Freya Radar set. 
 Axis Objective: 
 - Destroy the attacking American force or hold out for reinforcements 
 Textures: Kleinluka, some treelines by xerent, HL, Sky by Dash
 Models: arcturas/xerent, Scott "Kamikaze!" Jordon, flomatic


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