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The Panzerschreck is an anti-tank missile launcher in the Day of Defeat games. It is only available to the German team.

Day of Defeat[]

The Panzerschreck is available for use to the German Team on all maps. It cannot destroy certain environments. However, on some maps, it can be used as a replacement for Satchel Charges for the use of destroying an objective.

When used as a conventional weapon, it is quite useful at mid-range targets, as well as short range targets. A Direct hit is a hard feat to do, but accomplishing it will result in instant death on the target. The splash damage is also powerful, with anything within 2-3 feet being an instant kill. It is not recommended for use at Point Blank and at Long Range. Using it at Point Blank will not only inflict severe damage on your enemy, but on yourself as well, with a chance that the rocket will kill you instantly. Using at long Range isn't a good idea as well. It will take a considerable amount of time for the Rocket to close the gap between you and the target. This means that you will have to lead you shot to where the target is headed. Also, because of how long it takes to travel to a long range target, the target might see it and evade the rocket.

The Panzerschreck, like many of the weapons in the game, closely resembles its real-life counterpart. It also sports a woodland camouflaged pattern on the weapon.

The Panzerschreck needs to be shouldered first before firing.

Day of Defeat: Source[]

The Panzerschreck is available on all maps in this game as a part of the standard classes. It is incapable of destroying certain environments, but has a notable amount of splash damage to clear out windows, bunkers, and other fortifications. With limited ammunition it is very likely one would have to rely on their secondary and/or another picked-up weapon. Just like the DoD Panzerschreck, it looks very similar to its real-life counterpart, but it looks slightly more realistic with the woodland camoflauge pattern from the old one removed.

In-game, the rocket has a slight curvature, sloping downward the father it goes. It is advisable to practice alone in maps, firing from fixed positions to other fixed positions and seeing how much your rocket drops. The rocket deals a maximum damage of 127, making it weaker than the explosive grenade which can deal a maximum of 138 damage.

The Panzerschreck needs to be shouldered first before firing.


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