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The MK 2 Grenade is a type of grenade available in the Day of Defeat series. It is only available to the United States Army.


The MK 2 is only usable by the Assault and Support classes. The Assault class carries one, and the Support class carries two.

The American MK 2 grenade takes 5 seconds to detonate upon releasing the pin. It is possible to "cook" the grenade in your hands and letting go at a later time so that the enemy has lesser time to react and throw back. The grenade deals a maximum of 138 damage, making it stronger than the rocket and has a rather wide kill radius.

It is possible to pick up enemy grenades and throw them back by pressing E (use button).

If a player picks up an enemy grenade but is out of time and the grenade explodes before they can release it, the player who picked up the grenade is marked as committing suicide, and the enemy player who initially threw the grenade does not get a kill. If friendly fire is on, the person who picks up the grenade late can potentially kill other teammates, causing them to not only commit suicide, but also team kill. However if friendly fire is off, the person who picks up the grenade late can potentially save teammate's lives as the grenade blast will only kill the one who picked it up and not harm everyone in the room.

The German Stielhandgranate has the exact same in-game characteristics.



  • The Day of Defeat Mk 2 has a blue lever. The color blue is used to indicate items designated for training in the US military.
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