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The Machine Gunner (MG42-Schütze for the Axis) is a class featured in Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat: Source.


As their name suggests, they wield a machine gun for their main armament. Alongside a pistol and a melee weapon for back up.

Their respective machine guns should not be hip-fired due to excessive recoil, considering they are not light machine guns. Although it is possible to use them as a quick countermeasure in close quarters, but that is only suggested if there is not enough time to switch to another weapon and when the target is within arms length. The machine guns are effectively functional when deployed with a bipod. Although not pinpoint accurate, it will fire enough shots to take down a target at almost any distance. The American Machine Gunners are capable of performing true non-sustained fire, meaning completely effective fully-automatic fire. On the other hand the Axis Machine Gunners, or MG42-Schütze are unable to using a prolonged non-sustained fire due to overheating. In exchange, the firing rate for the MG42 and MG34 is tremendously higher than the American M1919, perhaps twice as much as that of the M1919. The MG42 also has a higher amount of ammunition compared to the M1919.


The MG34-Schutze is a variant of the Axis Machine Gunner in Day of Defeat. Unlike the regular Machine Gunner, it has a MG34. Unlike the typical Axis Machine Gunner, the MG34 is more similar to the M1919 in that it will not overheat - a problem the MG42 has.

Browning M1919[]

The Browning M1919 is the machine gun used by the American machine gunner kit.


Since either the M1919, MG42 or MG43, the huge recoil of their firing without lowering the tripod will make them almost ineffective in long and medium range combat, so it is recommended that the gunners find a suitable position to get down and put their feet down If you use a MG42, you need to consider its overheating problem, and the M1919, MG42 and MG43 are deployed on the tripod. The state cannot be reloaded, which forces the Gunners to temporarily leave the sandbag or disarm the tripod to reload when they run out of ammo.


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