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The MP44 (StG 44) is an assault rifle used by Axis Support Infantry in Day of Defeat.


The MP44 is the answer to the American BAR. Perhaps its superior, it was the model on which the Russian Automat-Kalashikov 47 was designed. This rifle has a stopping power equal to the BAR, a larger 30-round clip, and a heavier but predictable kick. You can apply the tactics of the M1 Thompson to this weapon, but:

  • Your accuracy is improved at range if you fire in short, tight bursts of three to four shots.
  • It takes less shots to drop a target if you aim for the head/neck area than the M1A1.
  • Advancing while firing is harder to accomplish with this weapon.
  • It takes more to accustom yourself to this weapon's recoil


  • The MP44 is a good weapon all-around.
  • It’s accuracy is slightly better than the SMG’s, so can be used at both long and short range.

Day of Defeat[]

The MP44 serves as the long assault weapon of the Axis in Day of Defeat. Although having higher recoil than a submachine gun, its still more moderate that other high-powered weapons in Day of Defeat. The weapon has a large thirty round magazine, ten more than the American BAR, and a slightly faster rate of fire, making this weapon more suited for close-range combat than the BAR or the Bren. On the other hand the MP44 is weaker than the BAR or the Bren and does less damage, reducing the usefulness of this weapon at longer range.

Day of Defeat: Source[]

The MP44 in Day of Defeat: Source is the direct comparison to the American BAR. The MP44 has ten more rounds than the BAR in its magazine and has less recoil, but has a slower reload time. The MP44 now has the ability to switch into semi-automatic fire, improving its usefulness at longer ranges.

In game the MP44 deals 50 damage to the torso, 38 damage to the arms or legs, and 125 damage to the head. Having 50 damage to the torso makes the MP44 potentially kill opponents very quickly with just two bullets. Having superior damage than the submachine guns like the MP40 and M1 Thompson, the MP44 lacks in stability. The heavy recoil produced by firing this weapon in fully automatic will need some training to get used to.


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