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The MP40 is a 9mm Luger Sub-Machine Gun in the Day of Defeat series. It appears in both Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat: Source. The weapon is only available to the German team and uses 32-round magazines with the player carrying up to 6 spare magazines.

Day of Defeat[]

The MP40 as it appears in DoD.

In Day of Defeat, the MP40 is a very well rounded firearm. Despite its low power output, it has very little recoil and has a fair amount of spare ammo. Compared with the STG-44 Assault Rifle, it seems inferior to the STG in terms of power output and range, but superior to it in terms of controllability and fire rate. Also its appeal is almost the same as a real MP40 (with stock folded in) during World War II.

Day of Defeat: Source[]

The MP40 as it appears in DoD:S. Notice the lower receiver covering is made out of wood and not metal like the DoD MP40.

In DoD:S, the MP40 manages to retain its recoil, spare ammo and fire rate as the MP40 in the original DoD. In comparison with the DoD:S STG-44, the results are still the same. Its appearance is different the original DoD that of bakelite plastic covering the lower receiver. Also, the shoulder stock is deployed for use. The MP-40 has a slightly lower rate of fire than its American counterpart the M1 Thompson. However, due to the MP-40 having a lower rate of fire, it also has less recoil with prolonged fire than the M1 Thompson. Its secondary function is a left-handed punch which deals the same amount of damage as the knife and spade.

In game, MP40 deals 40 damage to the torso, 30 damage to legs and arms, and 100 damage to the head, making it one of the weaker hitting weapons in the game. It makes up for it with its rate of fire.

The secondary punch attack deals 60 damage to the torso, 45 damage to the legs and arms, and 150 damage to the head.

The MP40 has the exact same damage per bullet as the M1 Thompson, M1911, M1 Carbine, C96, and P38.

Note that the lower half of the MP40 is made of bakelite, a hard plastic material.

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