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The MG42 is a German-made, air-cooled, belt-fed Light Machine Gun in the Day of Defeat series chambered in the 8mm Mauser caliber (7.92x57mm). It is only used by the German team. Because of its high rate of fire, it is the only weapon in both games that will overheat if continuously fired for a few seconds.

Day of Defeat[]

The MG42 as it appears in DoD. Notice that the cocking handle cannot be seen.

In DoD, the MG42 is a very powerful weapon and very useful because of its massive firepower and ridiculously high ROF. It is much superior to its predecessor, the MG34, in many ways. It has a much larger ammo capacity of a 250-round belt instead of a 75-round box magazine. It also has a higher rate of fire, as the MG34 can be heard firing individual shots while firing while it is impossible to hear individual shots while the MG42 is firing. It is not advised to fire the weapon from the hip, as it produces massive, uncontrollable recoil.

The high rate of fire the MG42 has is a blessing and a curse. It will allow the user to lay down a storm of lead in just a few seconds which the user's team can capitalize on. The bullets are slightly more powerful than those of the STG-44 but not as powerful as that of a Kar98k. Its curse is the fact that it will easily drain the 250-round belt in a short time. Also, the high rate of fire will overheat the barrel, which makes the gun unusable until it cools down.

Day of Defeat: Source[]

In DoD:S, the MG42 is almost identical to its DoD counterpart. It has the same ROF, same power, and same recoil. Its appeal, however, has been changed. In addition to the extra shine, the cocking handle can now be seen and the bipod is now barely visible.

In-Game the MG42 deals 85 damage to the torso, 64 damage to the legs and arms, and 213 damage to the head. This high damage mixed with the MG42's very high rate of fire makes this weapon very devastating and can literally kill 3-5 enemies with a short burst.

The MG42 as it appears in DoD:S. Notice that the bipod can barely be seen.

The German machine gunner wielding the MG42.

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