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The M1 Thompson is a submachine gun chambered with the .45 ACP pistol round and is featured in the Day of Defeat series.

Official description[]

With the lighter recoil of the Thompson, this class can hit targets quickly and accurately. This class is ideal for short range inner city fighting.


In the original, it is one of two SMGs available to the American team, in Day of Defeat: Source however it is the only SMG available for the Americans. It is used in the Master Sergeant class in Day of Defeat and the Assault class in Source.

Day of Defeat[]

In DoD, the Thompson's appeal looks similar to that of one in real life. It features the same front and rear posts for the iron sights, the same wooden handguard, and the same fire selector switch. The wooden buttstock for the SMG cannot be seen though. In terms of combat effectiveness in-game, the Thompson SMG is very comparable to the [M3|M3 "Grease Gun"]] in the game. The Grease Gun does more damage and has less recoil that the Thompson, but has a lower fire rate and lower accuracy, with the addition of having less extra magazines. It has no secondary fire function.

The Thompson submachine gun, or "Tommy gun" as it was called by the troops, wasn't initially accepted into the US Army.  The development of the Carbine and Garand super ceded research of any submachine gun, so it wasn't until after Pearl Harbor that the Army saw a use in the weapon - in fact, early versions of the Thompson were used by British troops before they were used by Americans. The weapon wasn't as easy or cheap to manufacture, however, and was eventually replaced by other weapons late in the war.

Game Tips: The Tommy gun can be devastating at short range – aim low and fire in long bursts – the recoil will drag your fire upwards across your target.

Day of Defeat: Source[]

The Thompson looks similar to the version from DoD, but with a shinier finish due to the Source engine the game uses. It has a slightly faster rate of fire than its in-game German counterpart, the MP40. However, due to a slightly higher rate of fire, the M1 Thompson has more recoil with prolonged fire than that of the MP-40. Its secondary function is a left-handed punch which deals the same amount of damage as the knife and spade.

In game, the M1 Thompson deals 40 damage to the torso, 30 damage to legs and arms, and 100 damage to the head, making it one of the weaker hitting weapons in the game. It makes up for it with its rate of fire. The secondary punch attack deals 60 damage to the torso, 45 damage to the legs and arms, and 150 damage to the head. The M1 Thompson has the exact same damage per bullet as the, M1911, M1 Carbine, MP40, C96, and P38.


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