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The M1 Carbine is a semi-automatic weapon featured in both Day of Defeat games. In the original game, it primary weapon for The Staff Sergeant, while in Day of Defeat: Source, it is the secondary weapon for the Rocketeer class.

Day of Defeat[]

The M1 Carbine in DoD.

The M1 Carbine has the same stopping power as the M1 Thompson, but has better penetration. Also, the rate of fire for the M1 is dependent on the user's trigger-pulling capabilities.


  • Damage: 40 (limbs: 30)
  • Rate of fire: Semi-automatic
  • Magazine capacity: 15 rounds
  • Starting ammo: 15 + 150 rds. (10 spare magazines)
  • Accuracy: Medium-High
  • Recoil: Low
  • Secondary function: None

Day of Defeat: Source[]

The M1 Carbine now sports a mahogany colour as of opposed to the light-brown in the previous Day of Defeat

The M1 Carbine in Day of Defeat: Source remains almost the same. Its fire rate has been increased from that of the previous Day of Defeat. The power of the weapon, as well as the maximum amount of spare magazines that can be carried have been changed. Now, players can only hold 2 spare magazines, but the Carbine will have slightly more stopping power.

In game, the M1 Carbine deals 40 damage to the torso, 30 damage to legs and arms, and 100 damage to the head, making it one of the weaker hitting weapons in the game. The M1 Carbine has quite decent accuracy, capable of out-ranging assault classes and even supports. The rate of fire of the M1 Carbine entirely depends on how fast the player can click his/her mouse. It is advisable to save ammo when firing at enmies at a distance because the recoil can throw your bullets off. However, in close-quarters, it is best to click as fast as you can. The rate of fire from the M1 Carbine can potentially be faster than the MP40 smg giving you the edge in close-quaters.


  • The M1 Carbine in DoD and DoD:S is not the M1A1 paratrooper version of the weapon which featured a folding stock made out of lightweight metals, as it has the full bodied wooden stock, but on para maps in original DoD the carbine has a folding stock, but handling remains the same.
  • The M1A1 Carbine's stopping power in both games have the same stopping power as that of the Thompson SMG.

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