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The M1903 Springfield is a bolt-action sniper rifle in both games. It is only available to the American team.

Day of Defeat[]

The M1903 Springfield is again given to the American Sniper class. It has a 5-round magazine and a powerful scope. The M1903 is a very powerful weapon, usually capable of one-shot kills. The bolt creates a small delay between shots. The scope design is a typical crosshair sniper scope, unlike that of the scoped K98k.


  • Damage: 160 (limbs: 120)
  • Rate of fire: Bolt-action
  • Magazine capacity: 5 rounds
  • Starting ammo: 5 + 50 rds. (10 spare clips)
  • Accuracy: Very High
  • Secondary function: Scope

US military forces had no official sniper rifle at the beginning of the war.  To meet the demand, the Ordnance Department ordered that the M1903A3 rifle be converted for the job.   The resulting weapon, designated M1903A4, was the only mass-produced sniper rifle of the war.  Although it was not a true, dedicated sniper rifle, it served its purpose and performed reasonably well.

Game Tips: Crouching and laying on the ground will help eliminate the “sway” encountered while zoomed in. Standing and firing is very difficult with this weapon.

Day of Defeat: Source[]

The M1903 from DoD:S is very similar to the Springfield from previous version of game, but reloading this rifle takes a few seconds, as all five rounds must be loaded individually. However, five rounds will always be loaded, no matter how many rounds are left in the magazine. Compared to its German counterpart the scoped Kar98K, the Springfield has a slightly slower rate of fire and reload speed, however has a more traditional crosshair for its scope while the Kar98K has a T shaped scope.

In-game, the Springfield deals 120 damage to the torso, 90 damage to the legs and arms, and 300 damage to the head. This weapon guarantees a one shot kill every time, provided that you hit the torso or head with every shot. Having very powerful damage to the torso, the Springfield is capable of killing 2-full-health opponents with a single shot through both torsos (One bullet passes through two people and killing them). The German scoped Kar98K, having the exact same damage characteristics, can also achieve the same feat.



  • The scope appears to be a model M82.
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