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Level designers are map makers in the Day Of Defeat series.

Known names[]

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Day of Defeat Maps
Source Argentan β€’ Anzio β€’ Avalanche β€’ Colmar β€’ Donner β€’ Flash β€’ Jagd β€’ Kalt β€’ Palermo
Goldsrc Retail Anzio β€’ Avalanche β€’ Caen β€’ Charlie β€’ Chemille β€’ Donner β€’ Escape β€’ Falaise β€’ Flash β€’ Flugplatz β€’ Forest β€’ Glider β€’ Jagd β€’ Kalt β€’ Kraftstoff β€’ Merderet β€’ Northbound β€’ Saints β€’ Sturm β€’ Switch β€’ Vicenza β€’ Zalec
Goldsrc Beta Bliss β€’ Caen 2 β€’ Cherbourg β€’ Dam β€’ Dog1 β€’ Heutau β€’ Hill β€’ Koln β€’ Lastchance β€’ Mainz β€’ Norm β€’ Northville β€’ Omaha β€’ Omaha 1 β€’ Oslo β€’ Overlord β€’ Ramelle β€’ Schwetz β€’ Seg 1 β€’ Seg 2 β€’ Seg 3 β€’ Seigfried β€’ Sicily β€’ Snowtown β€’ Thunder β€’ Tstation β€’ Valley β€’ Ville β€’ VN60 β€’ VN61 β€’ Wtcity β€’ Zafod
Para Para hedgerow β€’ Para glider β€’ Para kraftstoff
Level designers