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The Lee-Enfield is a bolt-action and sniper rifle in the original Day of Defeat. It is only usable by the British team.


Lee 1.png

The standard weapon for the British Rifleman Class, the Lee-Enfield is an accurate and powerful rifle that is a one-hit kill on any part of the body in-game, its secondary function is a melee hit with the bayonet, similar to the Kar98 bayonet or the M1 Garand rifle butt, and is a one-hit kill anywhere. However, it is a very loud weapon and its distinctive firing sound, which is very similar to the Kar98, can easily make you a target of opportunity for the opposing side. Its one great advantage over its German counterpart, the Kar98, is that it has double the ammunition capacity of 10 rounds, over the Kar98's 5. This is also one of the Lee-Enfield's biggest weaknesses however, as it needs to be loaded with two 5-round stripper clips, though the animation can be cancelled once the first one is in, leaving it at five.


Leesniper 1.png

The sniper version of this rifle is very similar to unscoped version, but it has a scope instead of bayonet. 


  • In scoped version the scope is not properly aligned on the rifle, bullets land below of the crosshair's vertex.

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