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Last Chance is a beta map in Day of Defeat.

Official description[]

 [Day Of Defeat] Last Chance of Victory
 Created by: [-Miller-]
 [Mission Statement]
 This small town is the only chance for us
 to get our armor around so we can attack the
 US 5th armored division in the flank.
 It is important for us to get the town clear of
 enemy infanterie before the tanks arive.
 If the city is not in our hands by then they will
 be slaughterd, and our chance of victory will be shatterd.
 Viel Glück Herr Hauptman!
 US Army:
 This small town is important to our flank protection.
 We know the germans are planning an attack and it is
 possible that this will be at our flank.
 To prefend this from happening your task is it to blow up
 the small bridge in the center of the town.
 Well that is all commander.
 Good luck!
 (This map is not bassed on any real happend battle.
 Please remember that not all germans are NAZI's there quiet
 a few in your own country, its just a small group not a hole nation!)
 Comments and suggestions:******@******.***

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