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Koln is a beta map in Day of Defeat.

Official description[]


 Axis Objectives: It is not good for the Fatherland - the Allies are 
 overrunning the countryside, and now a horrendous battle 
 rages in the town of Koln.  Your city defense group must 
 keep the Allies from taking the rail yard and factory, 
 giving reinforcements time to arrive and perhaps drive them 
 back to the beaches.
 Allied Objectives: As the battle rages around you in the German town 
 of Cologne (also known as Koln), you must capture a vital 
 rail yard and factory to prevent an Axis advance thru the 
 northern part of town.
 Notes:  There are 5 control flags in the map.
 Map by Tim Holt (Waldo)
 Textures by Waldo, jOeSmOe, Kamikazi, Masako, and other DoD texturers
 NETVIS compile help from MAPSTER users



  • - Koln was originally meant to be a new map added in another big patch for Day of Defeat Source. Unfortunately it was cancelled. This version of the map is merely a setpiece and is not intended to be played.
  • - dod_koln_ab This is the version of Koln that was meant to be part of the cut update. This version of the map has control points, and multiple areas in early development.
  • This map version also cut in develepomnet: dod_koln_modeltest dod_koln_modeltest_HDR dod_koln_modeltest_HDR2 dod_koln_modeltest_props dod_koln_modeltest_props01 dod_koln_modeltest_props05 dod_koln_modeltest_props07 dod_koln_modeltest_props08 dod_koln_modeltest_shadows01 dod_koln_prototype01 dod_koln_prototype07 dod_koln_prototype09
  • - The map is  richly populated with factories and bombed out buildings. Spread out and meet at the center flag, the train, the requires two persons. Spawn camping takes its toll here where a single enemy can hold your entire team from moving up. Take high ground locations or enjoy the hunt.

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