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There are various Knives used in the Day of Defeat games. The Americans use the KA-BAR in the original and the Trench Knife in Source, the German paratroopers in the original use the Gravity Knife, and the British use the Fairbairn-Sykes Knife.


The Knife is most useful when you are combatting an enemy infantrymen at point blank range. The Support and Rifle classes have no secondary pistol, so the knife may be useful in a situation when your clip runs out in close quarters, or if you are completly out of ammo. Knives are also used for Humiliation purposes, especially on camping Snipers, so if you have been sniping in a single spot for a long period of time, then you are sure to be a potential victim for a knife kill against you.

The Knife performs an instant kill if used behind an enemy. Back stabbing opponents is quick and saves ammunition, but there is always the risk your potential victim turning around and killing you with his firearm. Machine gunners and snipers, however, are easier targets for the back stab, as they are much less aware of what is behind them.

In-Game, the Spade deals 60 damage to the torso, 45 damage to the legs and arms, and 150 damage to the head. It has a special backstab attack which deals 300 damage when striking an enemy's back. It has the exact same performance as the German Spade, and MP40 and M1 Thompson's secondary punches.


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