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The K43 (or G43) is a semi-automatic rifle in the Day of Defeat series. It is only in the original game and can only be used by the German team.


The Kar 43 was the attempt to match the American M1 Garand. While it does have its advantages -- a larger clip (10 rounds) and semi-auto capability -- than the Kar 98, it does have its drawbacks -- a slower rate of fire, and a slightly heavier recoil than its American cousin.

The Kar can be employed much in the same way as a Garand, though generally, when aiming, you'll want to keep your target lined up with the middle crosshair. It has a slightly less powerful round, so you may have to put two shots into your target to take him out.

Throughout 1941-1942, the German Army’s standard issue rifle, the K98k, simply could not compete with Soviet semi-auto rifles in sheer volume of fire. To answer that discrepancy, Germany engineered a semi auto rifle of its own.  Although it was never produced in the numbers suitable to equip all frontline troops, the K43 (Also known as the ‘G43’) proved to be an effective weapon, especially in the sniper role.


  • Don't use this weapon to fire while advancing; your shots are not going to hit well, and you'll prolly be SOL when you arrive at your destination, because you'll have to reload, a process marginally longer than the Garand's.
  • Put this weapon to use at mid to long range.
  • CQB is not ideal for this weapon, though if you follow Garand CQB tactics, you might have a shot at coming out on top.
  • The K43 is very similar to the Garand in performance – great for medium/long ranges, not quite as effective close-in.


Shoot sound


  • The shoot sound is similar to Counter-Strike's Galil's.
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