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Jagd is a map in Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat: Source. It was firstly introduced in Day of Defeat 1.0.


  • Allies: A Horsa glider carrying staff officers and plans for the attack on Caen has crashed in enemy territory during a heavy thunderstorm. Allies must find the crash site and recover the plans, while protecting their two remaining Cromwell tanks from Axis Panzerschreck attacks.
  • Axis: Axis must prevent the Allies from teaching the glider crash site to recover their documents. Also seek out and destroy remaining British tanks with your Panzerschreks, Without Tank support, the allies will be unable to hold this area.
  • Allies: The Allies defended the tank, the cannon and the armored vehicle that within a specified time
  • Axis: The Wehrmacht must destroy an armored vehicle, a tank and a cannon within a given time. It takes 2 charges to destroy each vehicle.

Official Description Classic DoD[]

DOD_JAGD by Arjan "IR" Bak (

June, 1944, Near Caen

The British Army is advancing towards Caen, but is being
held up in the town of Viller-bocage by a German Panzer division.
To make matters worse, a Horsa glider carrying plans for the
the attack on Caen has crashed in enemy territory.

British Objectives: 
   - Recover and return the plans from the downed glider
   - Defend the Cromwell tanks

Axis Objectives:
   - Stop the British from recovering the battle plans
   - Destroy both British Cromwell tanks

Textures: Daniel "kleinluka" Luka, Martijn "wizzard" Bak, 
Scott "Kamikazi!" Jordan, and Arjan "IR" Bak  



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