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For paratrooper version, see Para glider.

Glider is a map in Day of Defeat. This map was introduced in Beta 3.0.


  • The upper castle wall has been breached!
  • Blow the castle walls with your Bazookas...look for the wood support beams.
  • The Allies have breached the lower castle wall!
  • The bunker has been breached!
  • Warning! Entering Axis Spawn Sector!
  • A Sherman tank has been spotted in the Farmyard!
  • The Sherman tank commander reports German activity near his location!
  • The foot bridge leading to castle has been blown!
  • Warning! Entering Allied Spawn Sector!
  • The Sherman tank has been destroyed!
  • A mortar round is on the way to the bunker area!
  • Allies have destroyed the 88!
  • The Allied mortar has been destroyed!
  • Look for more satchel charges in the supply house!
  • Allies have breached the sewer wall
  • Allied soldiers have been spotted in the castle!
  • Shooting the base does nothing...shoot the upper panels with the bazooka!

Official description[]

DOD_GLIDER by Wesley "Fuzzdad" Shull (

June, 1944, Normandy

Allied paratroopers have dropped behind the D-Day beaches to
disrupt enemy communication and reinforcement to the front.

Allied Objectives:
   - Destroy the '88' flak cannon
   - Destroy the "Freya" Radar set
   - Destroy the Radio room inside the castle
   - Capture the German forward supply house
   - Capture the German bunker

Axis Objectives:
   - Clear the area of Allied paratroopers

Textures: Chad "Masako" Barnsdale, Scott "Kamikazi!" Jordon,
Arjan "IR" Bak, Daniel "kleinluka" Luka


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