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Flugplatz is a map in Day of Defeat. This map was introduced in 1.1 Steam DoD Classic.

Official Description[]

DOD_FLUGPLATZ by Wes "FuzzDad" Shull (

March 1945, Germany

American troops are advancing into Germany and have assaulted
an airfield where ME-262 jet pilots are being trained. Crack
German paratroopers are guarding the base and they will do
anything to drive the Allies out.

Allied Objectives:
   - Capture the 6 flag points

Axis Objectives: 
   - Capture the 6 flag points

Flag Objectives:
	- Flag near Allied Spawn (touch)
	- Flag on road near headquarters building (touch)
	- Me262 on the taxi-way (cap)
	- Me262 in the hanger (cap)
	- Flag on road near supply shack (touch)
	- Flag near Axis Spawn (touch)

Textures: Daniel "kleinluka" Luka, Arjan "IR" Bak, Sky by Dash
Models: Scott "Kamikazi!" Jordon, Brian "Arcturus" Schurko, Svante "xerent" Ekholm


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