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Falaise is a map in Day of Defeat. This map was introduced in 1.3 Steam DoD Classic

Official Description[]

DOD_FALAISE by Wes "FuzzDad" Shull 

June, 1944, France

Allied paratroopers are trying to capture a small 
French Village near the Falaise Gap in an attempt
to cutoff the remainder of the German forces 
attempting to escape the Cotentin Pennisula. German 
Fallschirmjäger have been sent to the rear to hold
off the allies so the remainder of the German Army
can escape to the east. It's the beginning of what
will soon be called "The Miracle in the West"

Allied Objectives:
   - Capture the 5 flag points

Axis Objectives: 
   - Capture the 5 flag points

Textures: Kleinluka, Arjan "IR" Bak, Kamikazi, Xerent,
Models by: Flo Matic, DoD Team, Trp Jed




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