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The FG42 is a light machine gun in the original Day of Defeat and is only available to the Axis team on paratrooper maps.


This is a machine gun fed with 20 rounds of 8mm Mauser. It has two attachment options: the bipod and the scope. Also, the American BAR seems the be the FG42's counterpart in the original Day of Defeat, as both have a 20-round magazine with notably high firepower.


Fg42 1

The FG-42 with no scope

The bipod variant of the FG-42 is maintains the role as a light machine gun. The weapon is seemingly great for close quarters due to it's high power and extremely high fire rate. The bipod is there so one can deploy it, providing relief to the tremendous recoil. Due to the high recoil in fully-automatic fire, it is suggested to fire in bursts.


Fg42s 1

The scoped variant of the FG-42

The scoped variant of the FG-42 is less effective for support fire than the bipod variant. A scope on the FG-42 makes its automatic fire for the weapon less convenient, although the scope extends its range between a sniper rifle and an automatic rifle. Because of the immense recoil the FG-42 has low handling for long-distance combat as of compared to a sniper rifle, however, its rate of fire is reduced to make slight compensation. With or without the scope, it is capable of deadly close quarters combat due to its firepower and firing rate.



  • The FG-42 was only used by paratroopers (or the Fallschirmjäger squads) and had a limited production of about 3000 units, making it very uncommon amongst the many German firearms captured during the end of World War II.
  • A scope on an FG-42 made sense as it used full-sized rifle cartridges, which could easily reach targets at least 400 meters away, but the telescopic sight wasn't very common since it was mainly a support weapon.
  • Using the FG-42 as a Machine Gun is questionable, as the high rate of fire will empty the small 20-round magazine in about 2 seconds.
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