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Escape is a map in Day of Defeat. This map was introduced in 1.1 Steam DoD Classic

Official description[]

DOD_ESCAPE by Arjan "IR" Bak (

Holland, 1944

Operation market garden launched a few hours ago, and the allies 
are moving into position. Paratroopers of the 101st division secured a 
bridge and a key supply route along the river Maas. Unfortunately an axis 
paratrooper unit is stationed in the area, and are shelling the allies with 
nebelwerfers. It wont be long before the axis launch an attack to destroy the bridge.

Allied Objectives:
   - Hold the bridge and defend it by any means
   - Destroy the nebelwerfers firing at your position

Axis Objective:
   - Destroy the bridge

Textures: Arjan "IR" Bak, Scott "Kamikazi!" Jordan,
Daniel "kleinluka" Luka & Martijn "wizzard" Bak



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