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Donner is a map in both Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat: Source. This map was introduced in 1.0 Steam DoD Classic.


This map features very few sniping spots so it is encouraged to select Machine Gunner class.

Official description[]

DoD_DONNER by Svante "xerent" Ekholm (

June, 1944, Normandy

The Allies struggle through the hedgerow country towards the
key town of Sainte Lo - the intersection for roads to key 
cities such as Caen and Carentan.

Allied Objectives:
   - Capture the 5 flag points

Axis Objectives: 
   - Capture the 5 flag points

Textures: Chad "Masako" Barnsdale, Svante "xerent" Ekholm, 
and Scott "Kamikazi!" Jordan




  • The map is based around a small, urban-area battlefield in a German-occupied French town.
  • On Donner Classic you can find pictures of Beta maps of DoD (Snowtown, Mainz, old version of Caen, Valley and Omaha 1).
  • You can text on the wall "APERITIF GERTIANE SUZE"
  • You can find propaganda posters on the walls.

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