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Dam is a Beta map in Day of Defeat.

Official description[]

 dod_dam.bsp by [GT]Klompen
 Premise: River valley in the Italian mountains. The Germans have erected a barricade to block allied convoys from using the pass. Advance elements of the allied armies must neutralize the axis presence and destroy the barricade. Fighting will take place mostly in the old abandoned stonecutter's village.
 Compile time:
 CSG: roughly 2 minutes
 BSP: roughly 2 minutes
 VIS: roughly 6 minutes
 RAD: 24.5 minutes
 Machine 450 Celeron, 128mb PC100 SDRAM, system bus at 75mhz
 build time: way too damn much(probably 100 hours)
 Editor: Worldcraft
 Compiler: Zoner's Half-Life Tools (
 Compile controller: TOOL BOX Compilation Controller (
 Texture assistance: Punka$$, Kamikazi
 Bugfinding: Battousai
 Useful suggestions: [DoD]Mugsy, [DoD]Thunder_Weenie, c0wb0y, Battousai, [GT]Zorn, [GT]Grey_fox27, and [GT]Angelus
 Design layout: [GT]Klompen
 Concept: [GT]Klompen
 Textures and skies from: The Wadfather (
 Environment map by: John Staats
 Additional textures from: 3dCafe (
 Thanks to: those listed above, and the rest of the Day of Defeat team for their great mod.
 In case of errors or for --> important <-- suggestions, [GT]Klompen can be contacted at:
 If that email doesn't work, use whatever one is located on my homepage at:


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