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There are many cut contents of Day of Defeat: Source.


Although the game was a visual upgrade from the original Day of Defeat, a lot of content was scrapped before the final release of Day of Defeat: Source.

The Source Developer Asset Repository is a repo full of all manner of unused/early content for many Source Engine games, including Day of Defeat: Source. For someone to have gained to the repository, one must obtain a license from Valve Software at the cost of $2,500 after your project was approved for licensing and sign a non-disclosure agreement. Despite the NDA requirement and fee, many files from the repository have been leaked online over the years, showcasing the many cut maps from the game's lifetime. (January 2023 Leak)


The original game was apparently supposed to include a much larger array of weapons but these all seem to have been scrapped for unknown reasons. All that remains for most of the weapons is their sound directory entries which are still present within the scripts folder in the 'sound/weapon' file. Interestingly, most of the cut weapons seem to have all been using their original Day of Defeat sounds, or could have possibly had new sounds which were named the same as the originals.

Germany (Axis)
  • FG42: (The famous side-loading German paratrooper's rifle was supposed to make a return but was cut from the final game. The weapon was supposed to be usable by German paratroopers like that of the first game, but the faction the weapon was made for was also removed).
  • FG-42 (Scoped): (The name obviously implies a scoped version of the standard FG-42 (also cut), was planned and at possibly some point implemented. The weapon was supposed to be usable by German paratroopers like that of the first game, but the faction the weapon was made for was also removed for some reason).
  • K43 (semi-automatic rifle for the Germans was apparently destined to make a return in DoD:S but was removed).
  • Luger (The iconic German sidearm was apparently also going to be featured in the game but was removed with only its audio entry remaining. Interestingly, the weapon uses the same sound as the in-game P38).
Amercian (Allies)
  • M3 (The iconic American SMG, the "Grease Gun" was supposed to make a return but was scrapped. The presence of a Grease Gun in the files could have also meant that an American paratrooper faction was going to be added as well).
Unknown or possibly universal weapons
  • Mortar (Apparently a possibly controllable mortar or something simply used in an end of match cutscene was supposed to appear in the game but was removed).



The 2023 asset leak contains several maps were cut over the course of development.

Map Exist in-game? Date Remark
dod_anzio June 1, 2005 The original game's version of dod_anzio, unedited.
dod_avalanche June 1, 2005 The original game's version of dod_avalanche, unedited.
dod_donner June 1, 2005 The original game's version of dod_donner, unedited.
dod_flash June 1, 2005 The original game's version of dod_flash, unedited.
bottest October 7, 2005 Presumably meant to test bot support. Maybe Counter-Strike: Source's bots were going to be converted for use in this game?
box April 5, 2004 A simple box map.
detailtest April 30, 2005 A map with a small hill, intended to test the automatic foliage sprites generated on displacement geometry at compile time (known internally as "detail props").
dod_alpine December 1, 2005 A nearly completed map set in the Alpine Mountains.

It has three neutral capture points in an east-to-west line in the middle of the map (crossroads, cabin, and hut), with the Axis and Allied spawns to the north and south, respectively. The map is mostly properly textured except for an large orange tower near crossroads and a brushwork B-17 in the 3D skybox in a hidden VisGroup, although the lack of snow on anything except the trees suggests that it still had yet to undergo a final art pass. The barbed wire props lack any collision, and there is no protection against spawn camping (both teams can access the enemy team's spawn locations).

dod_anzio May 19, 2009
dod_anzio_ik May 17, 2005 Older version of dod_anzio. "ik" stands for Iikka Keranen, a Valve employee who worked on the map.
dod_anzio_ik2 May 17, 2005 Another old version of dod_anzio.
dod_anzio_jc May 17, 2005 Ditto. "jc" stands for John Cook, another Valve employee who also worked on the map.
dod_anzio_merge May 17, 2005 A map meant to merge the _jc and _ik versions of dod_anzio into one map. This was eventually turned into the final game's dod_anzio.
dod_argentan November 13, 2007
dod_argentan_ld03 October 5, 2005 An older version of dod_argentan.
dod_avalanche May 19, 2009
dod_bridges January 3, 2006 A partially finished map. The map is a bomb objective map where the bridges are to be destroyed by the German side. It takes two bombs to destroy the bridges. When destroyed the bridges oddly display broken glass particles and play a glass shattering sound and simply disappear.
dod_caen June 2, 2004 dod_caen from original game, with some modifications.
dod_charlie April 5, 2004 dod_charlie from original game, with some modifications.
dod_chemille June 2, 2004 dod_chemille from original game, with some modifications.
dod_colmar May 2, 2006
dod_colorcorrection December 1, 2005 A map made to test every color correction effect present in the game.
dod_donner May 19, 2009
dod_flash November 13, 2007
dod_flash_dark October 5, 2005 A nighttime version of dod_flash. Aside from the time of day being changed and some light sources being added, the map is identical to the regular dod_flash.
dod_holz April 25, 2005 A heavily unfinished map which would have featured both sides starting at opposite ends of the map and then battling through hedgerows for control of two central, exposed capture points. As stated prior, the map is heavily unfinished and most of the foliage is missing textures.
dod_jagd June 20, 2006
dod_kalt June 11, 2008
dod_kalt_old July 1, 2004 The original game's version of dod_kalt, with some modifications.
dod_koln November 2, 2005 Koln was originally meant to be a new map added in another big patch for Day of Defeat Source. Unfortunately it was cancelled. This version of the map is merely a setpiece and is not intended to be played.
dod_koln_ab December 15, 2005 This is the version of Koln that was meant to be part of the cut update. This version of the map has control points, and multiple areas in early development.
dod_koln_modeltest November 29, 2005
dod_koln_modeltest_HDR December 13, 2005
dod_koln_modeltest_HDR2 December 15, 2005
dod_koln_modeltest_props December 6, 2005
dod_koln_modeltest_props01 December 13, 2005
dod_koln_modeltest_props05 January 4, 2006
dod_koln_modeltest_props07 January 13, 2006
dod_koln_modeltest_props08 January 13, 2006
dod_koln_modeltest_shadows01 December 13, 2005
dod_koln_prototype01 January 13, 2006 The first ever version of dod_koln.
dod_koln_prototype07 March 14, 2006
dod_koln_prototype09 March 29, 2006
dod_kraftstoff June 2, 2004 dod_kraftstoff from original game, with some modifications. Some notable changes:
  • Sandbag and tree models have been replaced with updated versions.
  • Some billboard func_illusionary cables have been replaced with keyframe_rope and move_rope cables.
  • Turrets have been removed.
dod_lightTest January 19, 2006 A map used for testing lights.
dod_northbound July 1, 2004 dod_northbound from original game, with some modifications.
dod_palermo November 13, 2007
dod_saints July 1, 2004 dod_saints from original game, with some modifications.
dod_sstest April 3, 2005 A tech demo, demonstrating the Source Engine's custom implementation of self-shadowing bump maps.
dod_vicenza June 2, 2004 dod_vicenza from original game, with some modifications.
dod_zalec July 1, 2004 dod_zalec from original game, with some modifications.
jakobbox January 17, 2005 A box map, presumably by Jakob Jungels, containing scattered props, debris, and dev-textured wall prefabs.
jakobstrasse October 13, 2004 Another map from Jakob, containing several destroyed buildings along two streets in states of ruin

Strasse (also spelled staße), is German for "street".

kalt_skybox June 2, 2004 A version of dod_kalt_old, scaled down to "3D skybox" size.
northbound_skybox June 2, 2004 Ditto, but dod_northbound this time.
plane_flyby January 17, 2005 A test of the logic used for planes to fly overhead in the 3D skyboxes of various maps (although this plane looks and sounds nothing like a plane).
test January 3, 2006 A run-of-the-mill test map.
zoo_debris May 17, 2005 A zoo map for all kinds of debris.
zoo_exteriors May 17, 2005 A zoo map for props found in the props_exteriors model subfolder.
zoo_foliage May 17, 2005 A zoo map for all kinds of foliage.
zoo_fortifications May 17, 2005 A zoo map for all kinds of fortifications.
zoo_interiors May 17, 2005 A zoo map for props found in the props_interiors model subfolder.
zoo_italian May 17, 2005 A zoo map for props found in the props_italian model subfolder.
zoo_skybox May 17, 2005 A zoo map for props placed in the 3D skybox.
zoo_vehicles November 13, 2005 A zoo map for all kinds of vehicle props.
zoo_vehicles_destroyed March 29, 2006 A zoo map for all kinds of destroyed vehicle props.
zoo_vehicles_snow December 7, 2005 A zoo map for all kinds of vehicle props: snow edition!

Unused Textures[]

British flag[]

The texture for the British flag is in the files. Note that the flagpole's texture is different. This might suggest Great Britain like in the original Day of Defeat in some maps, was supposed to be playable before it ended up just having the US Army vs the Wehrmacht (the armed forces of Nazi Germany).


A concrete floor texture meant to be used at the cut dod_koln map.

Unused Models[]

dod_gift (Much like Counter-Strike: Source, this gift model was used for Valve Gift Grab 2011 and has been used since.)

Destroyed Tiger (An untextured model of a destroyed Tiger tank. Being from earlier in the game's development, it's UV maps are based upon the Tiger model textures from the original game, included in the 2023 asset leak.)

facade_germany (The directory facade_germany contains a lot of unused models, all planned to be used on dod_koln.)

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