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Cherbourg is a map in Day of Defeat.

Official description[]

 The allies have landed in Normandy. The Battle for Cherbourg will take guts and precision.
 Allied Objectives:
 Capture all flags, defend your town
 Axis Objectives:
 Must keep control of cherbourg, capture all of the flags.
 Maker: Arcturus (Bryan S)
 Textures: Kamikazi, JoeSmoe, Mikezilla, Mattc, Masako, Macman, Mazy, WIE team
 Things: Special thanks to, The DoD Team, Clan RIS, Mojo, /me pets Schnoodlestein, 
 Rainbow_phive, Masako, Spawn, Astrodog, Spawn, Mike Burke(CM team), Eldragon, xerent (uber tree textures) and H&K for his
 tank model.And everyone else who I may of forgot to mention. 
 I thank you again.
 *oh yes, and Trout because he begged me to put him in here *_*
 Map made by : ARCTURUS (


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