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Chemille is a map in Day of Defeat. This map was introduced in 1.0 Steam DoD Classic.

Official description[]

DOD_CHEMILLE by Chris "Narby" Auty (

March, 1944, Western Front

Chemille has become a wasteland of vicious urban combat - pick
your way through the destroyed ruins to capture the city.

Allied Objectives:
   - Capture the 4 flag points

Axis Objectives:
   - Capture the 4 flag points

Textures: Arjan "IR" Bak, Chad "Masako" Barnsdale,
Scott "Kamikazi!" Jordan



  • This map was supposed to be available in Day of Defeat: Source however cut. The map details were found in January 2023 leak.
  • On the wall you can find poster Lait Frais.
  • You can find sign with name Le Standhal.
  • On the wall you can find propaganda posters such as WAFFEN SS POSTER.
  • You can find one of the billboard on the wall in French.

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