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Charlie is an official map in Day of Defeat. This map was introduced in 1.0 Steam DoD Classic.


  • Allied: Move up the beach under a storm of lead to destroy the barbed-wire barrier. Then up on the bluff, use your satchel charges to destroy the two 88 gun emplacements. Also use satchels to also destroy a radio transmitter and a large coastal gun.
  • Axis: Defend the Atlantic Wall against the Allied invaders and do not allow the Allies to move further inland! Use the three mortar positions to shell the beach. Successfully hold the invasion back and victory is yours!

Official description[]

DOD_CHARLIE by Joel "c0w" Weech (

June 6TH, 1944, Normandy

Today is the turning point of the war! Failure is
not an option - move up the beach, or perish!

Allied Objectives:
   - Destroy the sea wall to move up the beach
   - Destroy the two 88 'flak' guns
   - Destroy the Axis radio tower
   - Destroy the artillery bunker

Axis Objectives:
   - Defend the beach
   - Once the beach defenses are breached, fall back and defend

Textures: Chad "Masako" Barnsdale


  • Where do you think you're going, SOLDIER?
  • Axis radio destroyed!
  • Coastal defence destroyed!
  • Left Mortar Destroyed!
  • Middle Mortar Destroyed!
  • Right Mortar Destroyed!
  • Allies have breached the mid seawall!
  • Grab a satchel to blow through this bunker!
  • Use satchels to break through the shingle and destroy your objectives!
  • The Allies are breaking through the shingle!
  • This passage leads to the Axis barracks...
  • The Allies have breached our western defences!
  • You are near an Axis 88 emplacement! Destroy it with a satchel charge!
  • You are near the Axis Radio Tent! Destroy it with a satchel charge!
  • You are near the Axis Coastal Defense Gun! Destroy it with a satchel charge!



  • The map is based on the famous invasion of Omaha Beach on D-Day.
  • This map was supposed to be available in Day of Defeat: Source however cut. The map details were found in January 2023 leak map called dod_charlie.
  • There is a fan-made port of the map called dod_strand.
  • There is a physical map of Charlie in the radio room.
  • There is a 8.8 cm Flak 18 tank at the Allies spawn zone.

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