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The Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" (M712 Schnellfeuer variant of 1932) is a fully-automatic pistol-carbine weapon featured in Day of Defeat: Source. It is the German Rocketeer's secondary weapon.


C96 s

The C96 in DoD:S.

It is most recommended to fire in bursts with the C96 as its high rate of fire and the weapon's low accuracy will make it hard to stay on target. Keep in mind that you are only given 2 spare magazines (each magazine carrying 20 rounds, 60 rounds total) with this weapon, and spraying it will cause you to run out of ammunition completely, very fast. The best time to use it is when your Rocket Launcher (Bazooka or Panzerschreck) has run out of available ammo or for short range close-quarter battle (CQB).

In-game, the C96 deals 40 damage to the torso, 30 to legs and arms, and 100 to the head making it one of the more weaker hitting weapons along side sub-machine guns and pistols. It makes up for this with its high rate of fire.

The C96 has a faster reload time when you reload prematurely (with at least 1 bullet still remaining in the clip).

It is possible to attain more ammo for this weapon by simply having this weapon out and asking for extra ammo from allies (pressing H). The C96 can have a total of 12 extra magazines provided many allies have provided you ammo, or "impulse 101" along with "sv_cheats 1" was activated.


  • The model in game is a M712, a model that went out of production years before World War 2.
    • The M712 saw limited use by the Germans, mostly issued to non-skirmishing troops where a rifle would be a burden.
  • The C96 "Broomhandle" is considered one of the first PDWs in history, or "Personal Defence Weapon" (as of opposed to simply a Submachine gun). It is also considered to be one of the first true 'Machine Pistols' ever made (as it had the body of a pistol and the performance capabilites as a Submachine Gun).
  • The M712 in real life has a fire selector switch allowing full and semi-automatic firing.
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