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The M1919 Browning is a Medium Machine Gun in both Day of Defeat games. In both games, it is the American's General Purpose Machine Gun.

Day of Defeat[]

The Browning Machine Gun as it appears in DoD.

Like all deployable Machine Guns, its high recoil makes it impossible to effectively use the gun while firing the weapon if you are not either mounted or prone. Its power though is quite strong, as each bullet's power is about a near-equivalent to the M1 Garand. Accuracy when deployed or prone is about the same as the Thompson, but on a larger scale. The Browning's fire rate is also high, as it is about the same as that of the German MG34 Light Machine Gun. Firing the weapon without going prone or mounting it will decrease your stamina bar

Day of Defeat: Source[]

In DoD:S, the M1919 Browning has gone through a few changes. The Machine Gun now looks like a real M1919 thanks to the Source engine. The ammo belt, bipod, carrying handle, barrel, and iron sights are almost identical to real M1919s. Its stats are almost identical to the DoD version, with the exception that the Machine Gun is more accurate and has a slightly faster ROF.

The Browing Machine Gun as it appears in DoD:S. Notice how the front sight is somewhat off.

In-Game the M1919 deals 85 damage to the torso, 64 damage to the legs and arms, and 213 damage to the head.

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