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SWATminifigGUY SWATminifigGUY 5 December 2012


Hello all. (In the event there is somebody reading this) I am writing this to inform you all that I fully intend to adopt this Wiki. As I have mentioned in my last post, I have the intention of getting this Wiki back on its feet, so to speak. I believe I have made some progress towards that goal, (and will likely make far more progress once I can utilize assets from the games themselves in a few days) but there is only so much such a project can accomplish without Administrator assistance; and I can't go to Wikia staff every time something of such a nature needs to be done. If there are any Admins currently active here, please, make it known, your assistance is most needed. Should my adoption occur, all current Admins and Bureaucrats WILL …

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SWATminifigGUY SWATminifigGUY 28 November 2012

Hello everyone.

So, this place has been lying dormant for quite some time. I think it's about time we got this place back on its feet. If anyone is reading this, there is work to be done and it's not going to complete itself, so lend a hand, please.

First priority: Fleshing out pages. A lot of pages are pretty small, and missing important images. We need to get those up ASAP.

Second priority: Broken links. I have seen so many broken links. There is no shame in linking to Wikipedia, ladies and gentlemen, if there is no internal page on a topic (such as the Source engine.)

Third, and final priority: Hopefully get this Wiki up to other Wiki standards. I think it would be very nice if we had VWN on our page, links to Steam, where the games can be purchased, and …

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