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Bliss is an unofficial map in Day of Defeat.

Official description[]

 Day Of Defeat Bliss

 Created By: Fuzz (John Mapping Shull) 74328240

 Additional Support By: Digital Element David Compiling Horton) 88994247

 Texture work: Mikezilla (Mike)

 Texture work: Profit (Jon K.)  
 Mission Statement   
 Allies:Must blow up the weapons factory that is supplying a large quantity of goods to the Axis armies. Demolish both entrances to it to win.

 Axis: Defend your weapons factory. In order for you to win, you must fight them off for the allowed time.

                   *Day Of Defeat*
 *$Created By: Fuzz
 	(John Mapping Shull)
 	icq# 74328240
 		*Mission Statement*
 Both Teams:	
 	It is an early sunday morning;
 the town is in midsleep when the Third 
 Reich stabs hard with its blitzkrieg 
 warfar taking the civilians by surprise. 
 To their disadvantage an american squad 
 is near by and has been called up for the
 challenge.  Secure the following areas:
 The gateway, The valley, The vineyard,
 and The factory to strike hard at the
 -Texture work: Profit
 	(Jon K.) Ya Georgia!
 -Texture work: Mikezilla
 -Additional Support By: Digital Element
 	(David Compiling Horton)
 	icq# 88994247
 -Final Compiliation By: [GT]Masako
 	(Chad Barnsdale)
 	icq# 78748507
 *Additional thanks*
 	All you hard working alpha testers
 	that aided in my map making beta1. 
 	Masako, Chad, for always being my
 	head bliss tester, and all you fans
 	who have been waiting a year for this 
 	Masako thank you for allowing 
 	yourself to be hit by both tires, it 
 	aided in my laughter=)


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