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The Bazooka is an anti-tank weapon in the Day of Defeat series. It is only available to the American team, the Bazooka class in the original Day of Defeat, and the Rocket Class in Day of Defeat: Source.

Day of Defeat[]

In pre-1.3 Day of Defeat It is only available in certain maps where certain walls, sandbags, or objectives can be destroyed. As of the 1.3 patch, the Bazooka is available as a standard class. The Bazooka has one fourth of the splash damage range of a grenade, but it also does one fourth less splash damage as well. The Bazooka kills with a direct hit to any part of the body. The Bazooka leaves a smoke trail with fire, so is advised to move after firing to avoid being closed in by the enemy. If equiped with the Bazooka you lack a primary weapon, and only have a M1911A1, (or a Luger if you happen to be a German soldier,) for self-defense.

The Bazooka needs to be shouldered first before firing.

Developed later in the war, rocket weapons were the perfect instrument to destroy tanks and vehicles. They could also be used in certain situations to blow holes into walls, providing either an improvised escape or attack route

Game Tips: The Bazooka is useful in many places for blowing holes in damaged walls or for completing objectives.

Bazooka Usage: The Bazooka must be deployed to fire.  Hit ‘secondary fire’ to shoulder your bazooka.

Day of Defeat: Source[]

The Bazooka is available on all maps in this game as a part of the standard classes. It shares similar uses to the Day of Defeat Bazooka, except it is not used for objectives or destruction of walls or sandbags. The Source Bazooka has a larger and more damaging splash damage, making it more useful for clearing out nests of Machine Gunners or snipers. With limited ammunition it is very likely one would have to rely on their secondary and/or another picked-up weapon. Unlike the Day of Defeat class the Source class has a M1 Carbine for self-defense, making it more useful for attacking. One can drop the Bazooka for another weapon for added usefulness with other weapons.

In-game, the rocket has a slight curvature, sloping downward the farther it goes. It is advisable to practice alone in maps, firing from fixed positions to other fixed positions and seeing how much your rocket drops. The rocket deals a maximum damage of 127, making it weaker than the explosive grenade which can deal a maximum of 138 damage

The Bazooka needs to be shouldered first before firing.


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