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Anzio is a map in both Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat: Source.

Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat: Source
Americans vs. Axis
Original Author
Davide "Chow_Yun_Fat" Pernigo
Allies Objectives
Capture the 5 flags.
Axis Objectives
Capture the 5 flags.
Paratrooper Map?

Source Version[]

Official Description[]

Anzio is a small, fast-paced map in which the Allies launch their attack from the beach. The main square and bridge are critical points for ensuring conquest of the town.


Anzio map.png

Capture Points[]

Anzio well.jpg
Flag allies.png Well
Anzio bridge.jpg
Flag bridge.pngCapture twoperson.png Bridge
Anzio centralalley.jpg
Flag neutral.png Central Alley
Anzio churchplaza.jpg
Flag churchplaza.pngCapture twoperson.png Church Plaza
Anzio fountain.jpg
Flag axis.png Fountain

Original Day of Defeat Version[]

Official Description[]

DOD_ANZIO by Davide "Chow_Yun_Fat" Pernigo, (

January, 1944, Italy

The Allies have prepared a simple, fast beach assault to capture
the city of Anzio.  Little did they know that the Germans were
already there, waiting.

Allied Objectives: 
   - Capture the 5 flag points

Axis Objectives:
   - Capture the 5 flag points


Anzio dod1map.png

Capture Points[]

Anzio thelaundry.jpg
Flag allies(DoD).png The Laundry
Anzio thebridge.jpg
Flag allies(DoD).pngCapture twoperson.png The Bridge
Anzio theplaza.jpg
Flag axis(DoD).pngCapture twoperson.png The Plaza
Anzio thehill.jpg
Flag axis(DoD).png The Hill
Anzio thestreet.jpg
Flag neutral.png The Street