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Achievements are basically certificates that are given to the player upon completing a certain objective. Achievements only exist in Day of Defeat: Source. The unlocked achievements can be viewed on the player's Steam profile page and in-game via Steam Overlay.


Icon Name Description Tips
Awol AWOL (Deserter) Play on 5 non-official Day of Defeat Source maps. There are only six official maps: Anzio, Argentan, Avalanche, Donner, Flash, and Kalt, so playing a few games with a map not part of the official six should suffice for this achievement.
Beachhead Beachhead (Bridgehead) Capture the final flag to win a round. As the achievement icon and game mechanics suggest, you do not need to capture a flag entirely on your own, multiple people can assist in the capture of a flag. If you need to capture the final flag, remember that the enemy team will put up heavy resistance, so wait or find an opening in the battle to go and capture it with some of your teammates.
Dont bring a gun Don't Bring A Gun (No firearms) Win a knife fight. At some point or another, you will run out of ammunition and unless you are the assault class, you either have a Knife or a Spade to fall back on. Lots of areas on maps are close quarters, so waiting to spring an ambush on a unsuspecting player is a good option. Running directly into fire hoping you will get a knife or spade kill is also a bad decision unless you have good dodging skills.
Dont tread on me Don't Tread on Me Block a Flag Capture that would have won the round for the enemy team Simply stand or move around in a capture zone to prevent the enemy team from capturing it, but make sure you have some form of backup in the very likely chance you get overpowered and die.
Trophy collector Trophy Collector Score 5 or more kills in a single life using scavenged enemy weapons

Score 5 or more kills in a single life using scavenged enemy weapons. To do this, wait to kill someone, then kill them and switch out your weapon with their weapon. Be sure you pick up a weapon with enough ammo or one you know how to use properly. Others instances could include you taking a fallen enemy weapon during a firefight when you run out of ammo.

On the warpath On the Warpath Score 100 Flag Captures Simply play CTF matches constantly and consistently to get the achievement.
Achievement (7) Eviction Notice Kill a deployed sniper or Machine Gunner from a distance greater than 100 feet with a rocket To do this is play as the Rocket class and wait around for a sniper or machine gunner, then run out and try to nail them with a rocket, however remember to stay mobile and don’t be afraid to use your sidearm as needed if you get pinned down before finding a sniper or machine.
Achievement (6) Gift Grab Collect three gifts dropped by opponents. -
Cleaning clean Clean Sweep Win Colmar without the other team detonating any bombs on your objectives Prevent the enemy team from using a Satchel to destroy the Anti-Tank gun and the Tank. It is very important to put up a strong aggressive defense or as best of a defense as you can set up to prevent the enemy team from getting to the objective.
Betrayal Double Cross Kill an enemy by throwing back one of their team's grenades or rifle grenades.
Achievement (21) Kilroy Was Here Score 8 machinegun kills from a single deployed position.
Achievement (14) Warlord Win 100 rounds.